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Best Supermarket Ever!

So this is just a quick blog stating my everlasting love for the best supermarket in the Michiana area. I LOVE MARTINS.  I am currently obsessed with the side door deli that they have at all of their Mishawaka / South Bend locations.  The deli has a fresh salad bar, with toppings galore, literally everything you can thing of, even beets. Which by the way are great to help prevent heart disease and helps lower cholesterol and even though they look and appear disgusting, are actually pretty good when cooked the right way. Anyways, they have a salad bar, a fresh sandwich selection which can be put into a panini press if wanted along with wraps, daily soups, FRESH SUSHI, chicken, lots of fresh sides, plenty of drinks and a great sitting area with natural light and free WiFi. I AM OBSESSED. It is so nice to go in, say to drop off a prescription, go make yourself a fresh salad, sit down relax and eat a fresh healthy meal for just dollars. I got a huge salad with shrimp on it and a liter of water for just $4.58. The water was almost more than my salad. Couldn’t believe it.  Not only do they have the fantastic side door deli, they have a GREAT selection of certified organic foods, the BEST asian foods section I have seen in markets, and a great section of meatless products.  I can go there for all of my grocery needs.  While I do still go to my favorite little organic store,  The Garden Patch, in Mishawaka for off the wall things and the organic oils I use for my skin, i will say I AM DEVOTED TO MARTINS SUPERMARKET. The prices are great too and everyone is so friendly.  Plus it is only a short bike ride away from my house.


~ by freespiritcat on November 5, 2009.

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