the blonde type

Jeff's Heaven.

Okay. So through the years, I have gotten a reputation for being a blonde hater. This is not true. I know many blondes that I think are smart, wonderful people. I do not hate blondes. But there is a certain blonde type that I HATE. Example. These blondes are walking dogs, I will bet you money that half of them do not know what PETA or ASPCA stand for. The blonde type I hate: Fake boobs, black roots for days / fried hair, orange skin, caked on make up, daddys black card, no common sense. If you look like a blonde bimbo with no smarts fake tits and carrying a designer bag with a rat dog peaking out of it, i am going to find you annoying and disgusting. Allow me to elaborate on each of the things that make up the blonde type i hate. Fake boobs. Why the heck do you want a size DD chest when you have a size 2 waist? You just look absurd. NOT NATURAL. Black roots for days and fried hair. Okay, STOP dying your hair. When you can see roots its not pretty. Stop putting more and more blonde dye in your hair it is just frying your hair making it look dry and damaged like you just stuck a wet finger in a light socket. We get it, you want to be blonde, quit dying your hair every shade of blonde to make it whiter and whiter. You just look UNNATURAL. Orange Skin. Can we say tanning beds / spray on tans / too much sun / combo of all three. You are going to look like you’re 50 years old when you’re 30 if you keep it up, leather skin. It isn’t pretty to have skin so tan it looks like you’re dirty. A light color is nice, but when you’re blonde being that tan looks SO FAKE. Caked on Makeup. I am so sick of seeing caked on foundation, shimmer bronzer, raccoon eyeliner and mascara so thick it looks like a spider. Okay, so you have bad skin, STOP covering it up with make up, it just makes it look worse. Try a cleanser and wearing some sun screen when you go out you will notice a vast improvement in your skins health. Then you won’t have to wear so much damn make up. Daddy’s black card. You know I am all for successful people I think it is a great thing to want to provide for your family, but I also think it is something that working hard is something that you should instill in your children. I can not stand when I hear a girl say, oh its okay daddy will buy it. I don’t have to work, daddy pays for it. What the hell. It is so annoying. What a thing to brag about, being a worthless girl with no work experience. that makes you extremely marketable. I work hard for everything I get. It is one thing if daddy pays for things and you understand the value of money and the importance of work. but when you just milk your parents for it all, its another thing. We won’t even get into the no common sense thing because TOO many people today have / act like they have no common sense. ITS NOT CUTE. NO ONE THINKS ITS CUTE TO BE DUMB. ITS ANNOYING AS SHIT. Now, this type isn’t just blondes, there are brunettes who can act this way and have all of these things I just mentioned. But I just think Brunettes are way more attractive than blondes.

“You Date the Blondes, but you Marry the Brunettes.”


~ by freespiritcat on December 27, 2009.

One Response to “the blonde type”

  1. I don’t like that type of blonde, either!!! Well….usually….

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