oh, things are gonna happen naturally..


hap·pi·ness – \ˈha-pē-nəs\ – n. – a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.

Sometimes, we all get so caught up in being happy or finding “the one” that we try to force things to happen rather than letting everything fall where it may.  Everyone in society today is so used to instant gratification. We want things and we want things NOW. Whether it be a job, a car, a new puppy, health care, marriage or kids, when we want it, we want it to happen quickly. Think about it – when you were little and you went to the store with your parents and saw that candy bar or that toy, you wanted it and you wanted it right then and there. Most of the time your parents got it for you. Instant gratification. We carried that need to be fulfilled instantaneously with us today, mostly in relationships.

Falling in love. It’s a beautiful thing. It can make you feel on top of the world. Like you can achieve anything. You’re invincible. You are so high off of the ground nothing can touch you. You’re excited, energized, radiant. You can’t think, you find yourself short of breath when they’re next to you, you still get butterflies when they enter the room. You’re in love. It’s the best feeling that anyone can feel. What happens when it’s taken away? You wallow in your sorrows for a few days, weeks, months or what have you but then, once you’re over it,  you want it back and you want it back NOW. So we try to force it to happen. We start looking for a person that can make us feel alive and on top of the world again. We search and search and search and find nothing. Finally, we found someone. Someone you get along with for the moment, but not necessarily someone that is compatible with you or someone that is even that great. You date them and try to force something more than what it is. It is human habit. We find the first available attractive person we can and try to force a relationship and a future because it is better than being lonely. You can not force things. I believe that all things happen naturally and all things happen for a reason. God knows what His plans are for you. He is going to let nature run its course. Forcing things to happen only make things 10 times worse about any situation. It can make you look and feel desperate, lonely and even slightly insane, especially to the person that you are trying to force a long term relationship with.

I know this blog probably makes no sense because I am just rambling on with all of these thoughts running through my head. But what I am trying to say is we get so caught up in looking for “the one” that we lose focus on things that are right in front of us. Stop looking and start living. While you are busy looking for that special someone, that someone you want to wake up to every morning, you are missing what is right in front of you, your life. The person you are looking for could already be in your life and you just missed them because you were too busy looking for someone else. Or the person you are looking for you could have yet to meet. You could meet them in an hour, a day, a week, a year, point is you WILL meet them, if you haven’t already. And it will happen when you least expect it. Once you realize that they are there and in your life, it will knock you off of your feet and you’ll know, that’s God’s sign telling you “This is the one that I have sent for you.”

Stop looking and start living. Don’t miss out on opportunities of a lifetime because you’re too worried about finding someone to share these opportunities with. Nature is a beautiful thing and it will never let you down. Be thankful for all that you have in your life and don’t regret the things that you have lost. Be open to love, it’s all around you. Life your life free and full of passion and most importantly life your life for you. When you do that, you’ll find the one you’ve always been looking for,  chances are they’ve already been put into your life, randomly, and you just haven’t realized the beauty yet.


~ by freespiritcat on May 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “oh, things are gonna happen naturally..”

  1. The woman I love was put in my life very suddenly and on a very important day, not just for me but for the world. It was on inauguration day that we met three blocks from The White House in a newsroom. She then went to grad school and I got fucked for 17 months by the recessions vicious waves of poverty sweeping through the sinking American middle class.

    Since I met her I haven’t dated or flirted or otherwise pursued anyone else, because no one else’s smile makes me as happy as hers does. Loneliness is preferable, I think, to accommodating “good enough” and living lies.

    That said, this weekend she and I reunited for the third time. For several hours I was overwhelmingly happy. Now she’s elsewhere and I’m alone and the happiness fades and ambition takes over and misery returns unrecognized as the norm.

  2. I agree, You shouldn’t rush into things. You should live your life and let things happen as they come. I was rushed into marriage at an early age because of circumstances I found myself in. Even though it might not have been the right move for us at the time, we did it. A few months later we were always at each others throats making each other unhappy. A Year or so later we subsequently got divorced and moved in different directions in life. I let things just happen in life and I didn’t go looking for my next love, However it wasn’t too long before I found them, it was someone I had been talking to for a long time, I had just never met them, when we did meet, everything fell into place! LIVE YOUR LIFE! Great Blog!

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