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So I have been thinking a lot about you lately. About everything. Things I miss, how you are, what you have been up to, everything. Especially after our late night / early morning conversation this morning. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to miss someone so much. Not necessarily the feelings, just the communication, the having someone there, the bond we had. I just wanted to tell you a few things, which is the purpose of this whole blog. I don’t want you to settle. I want you to do things that are going to make YOU happy.  Don’t settle for anything that isn’t what you want or what you want to do because believe me, you deserve the universe. Being busy shouldn’t run your life. Take time for yourself, your friends, your girlfriend. I  don’t want you to abandon people like you have done in the past. You have changed so much, and so much for the better but there is still one thing you do. You run. When things get tough, complicated, busy, whatever it may be, you run. I know you get scared, but you can’t abandon people.  Soon you’ll be left with no one and I don’t think that would truly make you happy.  Your friends like me, jp, we’ll always be around but even we get sick of being put on a back burner.  I just want you to realize your potential. I miss you so much and with that comes a lot of thinking. I am constantly hoping you’re happy doing what you love to do but i have a feeling, you’re not so happy. I wish you’d talk to me about it.  I miss what we had, more than anything, but I know now more than ever, nothing will ever change that. We are what we are and I am finally okay with what we are.  We may not have much, but we’ll always have the format.



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DSC_0239It has been awhile since I updated, so I thought I would do that now.  All is well here.  Staying busy working, watching football, enjoying the fall weather in the most beautiful town to enjoy it in, and having fun with the best friends anyone could ask for.  Sometimes a little relaxation is what you need to get your mind off of the things you don’t need.  I feel like I am flushing all of the crap out of my life and starting over with a fresh new body.  Sometimes it’s good it dispose of the garbage in your life, as hard as it may be to let go of all the things you want to save forever.  (I have pack rat syndrome times 20).  But letting go has really helped me.  I am happy and I am enjoying life and having FUN! Notre Dame is 5-2 and only 11 points away from being undefeated. I will take that from the years we’ve had past.  My brother is coming home in about a week and I couldn’t be more excited about that! Ah things are looking up for me and I must say, it is about time. So thank you! I just wanted to let you know, I couldn’t be better.

Something Missing

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Have you ever felt as though there was something really missing in your life but couldn’t quite put your finger on what it is? That is how I have been feeling a lot lately.  Just feeling completely unfulfilled after a long busy day.  Am I working too much? Am I not hanging out with my friends enough? Am I missing not being in school? Am I feeling lonely by not having a boyfriend? What is it that is making me feel so empty lately.  I have no clue. But I really want to figure it out.  I don’t like the feeling that is all I know. I feel as though I am a walking zombie, walking through life day to day just kind of dead.  Not really living with any feelings for emotions. The joy of life just hasn’t been here for me in a really long time.

Sure I feel great, I mean I am in the best health of my life.  But that doesn’t make me feel complete. I wonder what’s missing. Perhaps its love.

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I am at work being forced to listen to a Jimmy Buffett Cover band…

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..playing in the lobby / restaurant of our hotel. Yes. I am not exaggerating.  They are playing as a “guest appreciation day” in our restaurant. What the hell.  They are horrible.  Not only have I had to hear Margaritaville.  I have had to hear Bob Marley 3 little birds – Jimmy Buffett Style.  Trust me it wasn’t pretty. Now, I could handle that, it was fine. But then they did something SO unholy. They did the worst thing imaginable. They played Knockin’ on Heaven’s door – Jimmy Buffett Style. The most unchrist like thing you can do in my book. Bob Dylan island style DOES NOT fly well with me.  At this point, I can’t hear my guests, I can’t hear my phones ringing, they just butchered the best man in the music industries song, and they are playing an hour and a half over what they were scheduled to play.  I want my life back. Want icing on the cake? They will be here for the USC weekend for the tent party. Want more info on the band call the PARROTTROUPERS. Go here enjoy. please. i dare you.


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Okay.  So I am at work right now and something just came across my mind. I am sick and tired of tattle tells.  We have a few running around the HGI South Bend and it really harshes my mellow. An example you’d like? Okay, here it is.  There is an employee, who shall remain nameless and genderless, who always goes around telling department managers about fellow co-workers who aren’t “doing their job” according to their standards. It’s stupid little things that they squeal on them for.  For instance, there is a housekeeper who works the night shift with me, she is sweet and always does anything that I ask of her!  Okay, she was on her cell phone ON HER BREAK IN THE BREAK ROOM and this tattle tell just so happened to catch them.  Well, cell phones are completely allowed on breaks.  So what did this person do? They ran straight to the housekeeping manager and said “Just wanted to let you know what I saw one of your employees doing last night.” As if she had some authority or importance in the situation. Know your facts before you run tattling to people. This was just one of the MANY MANY MANY “i’m telling” situations I’ve seen this person have. Squeaking on your fellow coworkers isn’t going to make YOU more VALUABLE to this place. Managers aren’t going to respect you or give you a pat on the shoulder for telling on someone for something so minuscule as someone talking on the telephone. It is going to make you look immature and very untrustworthy. 

It’s people like that who try to get on each managers side so they can get away with doing very little while they are at work, because they feel like the managers love them, they can get away with anything. You’re not valuable in anyones eyes, it makes people dispise you for being a 5 year old tattle tell. Didn’t your mother ever teach you better? Selfish gain gets you no where in life.  Worry about YOURSELF and YOUR job and NO ONE ELSE. If you are doing a great job you will be rewarded.  It takes someone insecure in themselves and in their job position to go around trying to ruin other peoples lives and careers.  If you are worried about your job, it’s probably for a good reason. That means, get up off your butt start working and taking pride in your job, get a thing we in the BIZ like you call a work ethic and you will have nothing to worry about! In the mean time, please stop talking crap about everyone that works here like you’re an angel and there is nothing wrong with you, because trust me I can name about 50 things just off of the top of my head that you can do better with and improve on in yourself.  So before you start talking crap about me and my promotion PLEASE know the situation and the facts and know what it is that I do daily for this company and this corporation. I love this hotel and I love this job and I do a DAMN good job on a daily basis and work HARD for it.  Stop being a tattling shit talker, get some balls or tits, and take your employment somewhere else, you’re not needed 🙂

Thank you for calling the Hilton Garden Inn South Bend..

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My Place of Employment
My Place of Employment

Good evening and thank you for calling the Hilton Garden Inn South Bend (and Gillespie Conference Center), my name is Catherine and how may I help you? Holy crap that is a bigger mouth full than.. well you know. I am here at work bored out of my mind and I thought that I would do a nice little blog post about the place in which I am employed.  This nice little 100 room hotel is in a great location. Right off the the toll road 80/90 on campus of Saint Mary’s College and just 1 mile for the campus of Notre Dame.  We have a 24 hour business center, wired and wireless complimentary high speed Internet in each room, fitness center, pool and whirlpool. 24 hour Pavilion Pantry stocked with Pepsi products (YUCK) and all the goodies your arteries can handle. Breakfast served in the morning, hot buffet style with a chef on hand to cook anything special order as well as fresh eggs and omelets, dinner, room service, and a bar. Each room comes with a mini refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave. The beds are our signature garden sleep system, that is adjustable for the level of firmness that you so choose. Each room also comes with desk, ergonomic chair, and a 42 inch LG Plasma TV. Fresh cookies at the desk every evening and much much more. blah. Sounds great right?! IT IS! Except when I am bored. I destroy cookies when I am bored, which are a million and 5 calories per cookie. I break the rules when I am bored. Text, get on facebook on my phone, eat stuff that I shouldn’t eat. 30 arrivals at 80% is not my idea of fun. This blog is probably the most pointless blog that I will ever write.

Let me say that I DO love my job I love this hotel and I am very passionate about hospitality and giving the ultimate guest service.  As dorky as it may be I have a passion for people and I love making people feel good and welcomed no matter who they are.  It does have its ups and its downs but right now I couldn’t imagine a place I would rather be (Unless I were working at theWit in Chicago. or any HILTON hotel in that magnificent city.) *HINT BROOKE HINT*. Not that I could leave South Bend during football season, but living in Chicago, I could definitely handle taking weekend trips! I just love this profession. It’s weird I never thought I would say that, but I do.  I have numerous, okay well 3, really good mentors here. I admire and look up to.  They have taught me infinite amounts of things about hospitality and I am SO grateful for each one of them. Okay now that I am ranting and raving, I think I can conclude now that I have my food here and i just had to deal with a rude guest complaint. Stupid worthless maintenance manager who can’t fix doors that won’t lock!